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I think we undervalue pain. Like spiders. Like mold.
We fear it sufficiently. Extremely.
We make avoidance of pain the goal for our lives.
Each added painful experience diminishes our capacity. Our ability.
Like multiplied negative numbers, we diminish
with each tearing, ripping. gnawing, pain.

I think we undervalue pain.
I think, like dark matter, it is the great universal mystery.
Making all things possible.
The balance that holds us bound and connected.
That keeps us from flying apart into oblivion.

Pains makes us heroes. it defines our joys.
And refines our strengths.
We are compassionate only in it’s presence.
Of course, we know this. We understand the interplay.
But we still run from it terrified.
I think we undervalue pain.



No. I wont offer you
My junk masked as treasure.
Free on the curb
Listless and unwanted.

But I will say this
I am tired of words
Junk masked as treasure
About what is Free.

You know, I’m not free.
And yet. I am.
Having walked every step here
I made my bed: unmade.

You hear, obedience makes you free.
A load of…well intended excrement.
That’s just something we say
When we are afraid.

Options are not free
Either is happiness. Or righteousness for that matter.
Love, maybe, solves this riddle
But then again. Tethers me.


DNA twists its never-ending conveyor-belt
Through the chemical soup in my mind
Begging questions.
Did I really choose to wear these socks
with these shoes?
Or have the genes–gifted from my mother
Overrun the decision center of my brain?