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I think we undervalue pain. Like spiders. Like mold.
We fear it sufficiently. Extremely.
We make avoidance of pain the goal for our lives.
Each added painful experience diminishes our capacity. Our ability.
Like multiplied negative numbers, we diminish
with each tearing, ripping. gnawing, pain.

I think we undervalue pain.
I think, like dark matter, it is the great universal mystery.
Making all things possible.
The balance that holds us bound and connected.
That keeps us from flying apart into oblivion.

Pains makes us heroes. it defines our joys.
And refines our strengths.
We are compassionate only in it’s presence.
Of course, we know this. We understand the interplay.
But we still run from it terrified.
I think we undervalue pain.


The Speech  
by Eirene Henderson

I just want to thank God,
my mom,
Cat Stevens,
Angela Lansbury–
Angela, you’re a goddess–
I never could have done this without any of you.

An immense thank you to the makers of Citalopram,
and of course the gang over at Lindor Chocolates–
you know I love you–

And most of all, thank you to my fans.
All five of you.

It’s been a long road, but, you know,
because you all believed in me,
here I am today.

Showered. Wearing a bra.
Sitting on this porch
under the bright light of an
an afternoon sun.

Canon in D, Now A Flat
by Eirene Henderson

Firm, they were, but soft and round.
Like a peach
a few day before you can
Sink your teeth
into its fuzzy flesh.

And the alert, intrepid, little
bull’s eyes used to
stare ahead
with defiance

Now, they look down
at my body incredulously
as if to ask
“What the hell happened here?”

And the fruit has been enjoyed
by man and child alike.
Sucked down to its
withered, wrinkled pit.




Have you ever lost your mind? Literally? In this first episode of Imaginary Poet I describe my postpartum depression by sharing a story of a descent into madness.  My belief in God and faith in Mormonism complicates the experience. Was God speaking to me through the Holy spirit? Or was my brain simply misfiring?